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The Gift Project


The giving and receiving of a gift establishes a reciprocal relationship; it is a measure of our soul and a reflection of the thoughts and sentiments we associate with the recipient.


In the summer of 2014, we received the gift of a notebook entitled ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself’. It got us thinking about the ways in which we constantly shape and redefine our characters as we transform into the latest incarnation of who we are, and the person we might become.


Such is the mercurial character of the artist.


In 2015 we invited an international group of talented creatives, including artists, musicians, dancers  performance, videographers, jewellers and photographers, to come together to interpret the gift of a piece of fabric by participating in a collaborative project we have named ‘The Gift Project’. In exchange we asked each of them to gift something to us that would inspire a series of artworks of our own.

The transformation of the exchanged gifts - which included - video installations, textiles, garments, art, dances and performances, sound art and sculpture -  were documented as part of the project narrative and are featured on this dedicated website enabling the viewer to understand the story and outcome of each artwork as the collection travels the world.


In a way that reflects the expansive character of the artist, ‘The Gift Project’ is about to embark on a second phase of work in a way that is designed to promote collaborative practices and to discover new ways of interpreting our collective imagination.


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